Corporate Responsibilty

Tadcaster and Rural is proud to offer a range of opportunities to our local communities at low or no cost. This is a key part of our mission to help improve the social, economic and environmental prosperity of our communities and countryside.

1. Funder Finder – we are always please to be able to offer free advice and guidance to community groups on how to meet their funding requirements from grants, loans and other financial sources. In this way we can maximise the income to our communities and organisations from external sources.

2. Work experience and interns – every year we offer our local secondary school the opportunity to send students to us for work experience. Usually these are Year 11 students who spend a day a week with us throughout the whole academic year, however we are nothing if not flexible and always happy to talk to staff about meeting their needs.

In addition, we are always pleased to offer students in higher and further education the opportunity for gaining experience as Interns. In our first year of operation we enabled an international student, Alex Porozova, to join us as an Intern for 6 months to complete her studies. This year we expect to offer opportunities to Italian and French students too.

Finally, voluntary positions to enable local residents to gain valuable work experience or help retired people give something to their local community are always available. One of our Directors, Graham Webb, joined us in this way – starting as a volunteer to develop our Bright Sparks programme, and rapidly becoming one of our Board!

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