Old London Road, Towton

Tadcaster and Rural is pleased to be part of the delivery team for the Old London Road project being led by Townton Parish Council and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. We will be project managing the work and organising additional funding and events to add value to the dig and eventual resurfacing of the Road.

The archaeological excavations took place between Thursday 23 June and Monday 27 June 2016 on sections of Old London Road (now a public bridleway) starting at the Towton end. The work was managed by members of the University of York Archaeology Department. The project was directed by Tim Sutherland (Towton Battlefield Archaeology Project) and the excavation supervised by Rachel Wood and Paul Durdin.

There were a limited number of places each day for volunteers to assist by excavating the trenches (some prior experience preferable), sifting soil for artefacts, washing and categorising finds, helping with site safety and general logistics.

All volunteers that took part were directed by an experienced Archaeology Team Member and followed their guidance and instructions at all times, especially regarding safety. The dig operated between 09.00h and 16.00h between Thursday 23rd and Sunday 26th June.

Other events are planned as part of the project to explore this historic roadway and appreciate its role in the way our community developed through the centuries.

The Parish Council for Towton, Grimston, Kirkby Wharfe with North Milford is very pleased to be awarded the Heritage Lottery Fund grant as it will enable local residents and interested parties to learn more about the heritage of our locality and help preserve Old London Road for future generations so they can access the Towton Battlefield site and the beautiful countryside that surround us.

Bid To Restore Ancient RoadIn Towton

Click here to see the interview about the Old London Road, Towton

Tadcaster Calendar

We have collected a wide range of photos and wish to compile these into a calendar that reflects the flooding the town experienced but also shows how our community is pulling together to get back on its feet. We have had enquiries from across the world to receive the calendar and know there is huge local and national interest in producing this as a remembrance of this catastrophic event. Businesses and local residents have been and continue to be hugely affected by the closure of the bridge, despite the footbridge now being in place. We need to help our community wherever we can and this idea – which has come from the community – is a realistic and quick way of getting money into the town and raising our profile too.

You can vote on the production of the calendar at Neighbourly.

Local Food

Tadcaster & Rural CIC has been selected by Locality to be just one of 50 groups nationwide to participate in its new Community Economic Development programme. Our proposal – in a nutshell – is to work with our partners to produce and implement an Economic Development Plan aimed at enhancing the contribution of the local food and drink sector to the economic growth of Selby District.

Our objectives for the programme are:

1) To bring together policy makers, businesses, non-profit organisations and other stakeholders to develop and deliver an Action Plan for the development of the local food and drink sector.

2) To address deprivation through the improved availability of local food.

3) To increase public awareness regarding the link between local food, skills, well-being and the local economy.

You can read the final report of the project here. The work on implementing the report continues through 2016 with the partnership and updates will be posted here.

local food

Neighbourhood development planning

Neighbourhood planning was introduced by government in its Localism Act of 2011. It gives communities the chance to write their own chapter of the Local Plan and set the ground rules for development in their area. We have extensive experience in our team of helping communities with this new form of planning, and in 2015 ran a seminar in the District to help parish councils understand how to approach the task.
The presentation associated with the seminar is available here.
Neighbourhood Planning Workshop

We are also actively assisting Appleton Roebuck with Acaster Selby parish council with their neighbourhood plan – the first in the District. You can view their progress at www.aras-ndp.org.uk

Bright Sparks

Bright sparks is a programme designed to encourage and support entrepreneurship in Tadcaster and the surrounding villages. Start–up businesses and newly self-employed individuals with good ideas and energy will have access to accommodation, resources, advice and business support mechanisms in Tadcaster.

What does it have to offer?

  • FREE office space in Tadcaster Business Centre for up to 6 months
  • FREE printing facilities
  • FREE meeting rooms
  • Access to a personal business adviser from Business Support York & North Yorkshire
  • ACCESS to business networking through Tadcaster Business Forum and Enterprise Café meetings, etc.

Latest information for the BrightSparks initiative can be downloaded below:

What is Bright Sparks
Mentors Needed

You can do it!