Our Place

The Our Place programme was funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government and delivered by Locality. It provided communities like Tadcaster with the opportunity to consider how services that the community considered to be a priority might be delivered better, locally. The project was led by Tadcaster&Rural and brought together a range of stakeholders, with an eventual focus upon regeneration, services for the young, and services for the vulnerable. The report below shows our conclusions, alongside an important report by Locality that argues the case for why – sometimes – delivering locally is a more cost effective solution – and always more responsive to local need of course.



Tadcaster Car Park

Over the last 2 years, Tadcaster&Rural have helped Selby District Council out on 3 separate occasions by undertaking monitoring work on the usage of our carparks – in order to inform future policy and to ensure that the High Street is not disadvantaged by off road space being taken up by those who are not coming into town to shop!

Most recently, we assisted after the Boxing Day floods to help enforce a short stay parking regime in central car park again primarily to ensure that spaces were available for people using the high street while our alternative car park at the bus station was unavailable to people on the west side of the town.

Tadcaster Carnival

Tadcaster Carnival is an annual event held by the Town Council which celebrates the town of Tadcaster. In 2015, Tadcaster&Rural were approached by the committee to help project manage the Carnival. We were delighted to do so and proceeded to Chair  steering group meetings and become very heavily involved in the organisation and delivery of a fantastic day for the whole town. We did this free of charge – part of our commitment to our town.

Video below

Art Festival

Over the weekend of 1st and 2nd August 2015, Tadcaster&Rural organised the town’s first ever Arts Festival! It was held to coincide with Yorkshire Day and ran at the Riley Smith Hall which was packed out with local artists and displays – and visitors of course.

Of particular importance was the fact that the Festival managed to bring so much fabulous art from the Grammar School’s end of term display into town for the people of Tadcaster to admire. It is sometimes easy to forget that we have such an amazing educational facility on our doorstep up at Toulston – so we take every opportunity to engage with the school and to involve them in the community.

Christmas Lights

We worked with the Town Council on the Christmas Lights and each year we made our display bigger and better than before. In 2016 we had a real need to make the town look and feel special again, so wanted to raise more money to invest in new displays so that both east and west looked really fantastic and visitors were brought into the town to see them – good for shopkeepers, good for the community’s spirit and for showing how vibrant our town can be. The project involved purchasing new LED ropes, new street-wide displays and new artificial and real 25ft tall trees to decorate the whole town. We needed to start planning early so we could purchase equipment and put the plan in place for the big switch on to coincide with our Christmas market on the last Sunday in November.